A Visit to Pemberley

I’ll begin our story of Manchester with a tale of clothes washer woe. We were so excited to have a washer in our Airbnb, halfway through our trip and perfect timing for a load of laundry. While it worked, more or less, the seal on the door was failing so we had to keep sopping up water during the wash cycle. That was exciting. But worth the clean clothes.

Every day we’ve seen a lovely surprise or two. This wall kitty was sweet and watched us on our way by to the bus stop.

Second surprise of the day was this lovely woman and her friend who helped us figure out our bus plan to Lyme Park. I took a sneak photo of her back to remember her kindness 😄

And apparently on the 6th day of Creation God created Manchester. Who knew.

Manchester Piccadilly is a nice station. Nice sculpture out front and photogenic train platforms.

Our path to Lyme had us getting off at a lovely village train station called Disley. Then we walked through Disley to the park gates, got a shuttle to the house, and wandered from there. The rain held off, it drizzled a tiny bit but not so much to dampen our spirits.

At last! Behold Pemberley!

There was one sign for Darcy’s Pond (giggle)at the bottom of the parking lot and then nothing more for a good long ways into the meadows. Rather than walk for miles, we decided this pond in a field on the other side of the wall through a gate that clearly said no entry was it.

Can’t see it? No worries

Bucket list item checked off satisfactorily.

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