Three Hours in Cardiff

The wifi universe was not in our favor since we left Bath so at long last, here’s the update on Karen and Lana’s Epic Uk Adventure! We said goodbye to Bath with a lovely coffee and a stop at a bookstore.

Saturday in Bath was gearing up for a fun festival. Here’s more Jane:

Cutest little mini train as seen while waiting for our train to Cardiff.

I kept thinking, you know, three hours in Cardiff en route to Manchester is a bad idea, we need more time. But it ended up being brilliant because this is the calm before the storm. Apparently, some band that I should have heard of but never did was playing a big reunion concert so as we were leaving Cardiff people were flooding in.

Our stop in Cardiff was Dr. Who themed so we walked to the bay to see Ronald Dahl Plass. People clime to the top of this enormous building. WUT.

Adorable little Norwegian Church turned coffee and art shop. Took a pic to honor my Norwegian roots.

Here is Lana in front of the entrance to Torchwood. She’s so happy!

We finished off our tour at Cardiff Castle. Gorgeous, fascinating. A must see. The World War II bunker was a great history lesson too.

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