Afternoon Tea at the Pump Room

We left our adorably quaint room with the crooked door early in order to have a traditional breakfast in the hotel before starting our journey to Bath.

I can’t say our journey was uneventful, but our tummies were satisfied. Long story short, we got off the bus a stop too early but too far to walk. We were, by the grace of God, by a train station that went to where we needed to catch our train, so with minutes to spare, we bought tickets and got to the platform in time. Then, feeling smug about our handling of that crisis, we got to the next change to catch our next train. We realized in the nick of time that we were on the wrong train platform for our next train and we raced to the right one, again, with moments to spare. Thankfully, we made it and got to Bath with a story that will be funny someday.

But look what awaited us in Bath! None other than Mr. Darcy bathrooms at the Jane Austen Centre.

and Elizabeth.

And tea! And cake!

And more Mr. Darcy!

We absolutely had to splurge on tea at the Pump Room. It was soooo good and also a feast for the eyes. And also people were actually drinking the water? Wut.

We wandered around town to see sites like the Abbey, the Assembly Rooms, Sally Lunn, and the Royal Crescent where Captain Wentworth and Anne have their reunion scene.

Lana was thrilled to spot a filming location for Les Miserable (2012). It’s the Pulteney Bridge where Javert commits suicide by jumping into the water.

And as a real special bonus, our room at the hostel was named the Jane Austen room.

6 replies to “Afternoon Tea at the Pump Room

  1. “Thankfully, we made it and got to Bath with a story that will be funny some day.” That totally made me chuckle. Love the bathroom labels šŸ™‚

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