More Than a Half Marathon

We did our long walk yesterday. tl;dr it was great!!!!!! No mishaps, the weather was fantastic. Would I do it again? Yes! Definitely. In fact we’re already planning the next one. Read on for more detail and pics: We intended to walk 12 miles, but Apple maps lied to me and it was 14 instead. I…

Aliens in Albuquerque

We were driving along, minding our own business, when we saw this truck. Wait, we thought, what on earth is sticking out of the bed of the truck? We got a little closer. Yup, yup, it is. As if you’d expect anything else in Albuquerque.

Snowy Desert

I’m over winter this year. As I have documented previously, I’m not a fan of snow. Yes, I realize this is good moisture for the ground, but I prefer that in the form of warm rain in the summer.

Batmobile in Albuquerque

Today, in Nob Hill, we saw the original Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV series. Also, as we found out, apparently before it was the Batmobile, it was in a Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds movie, It Started with a Kiss. Someone in ABQ bought it and for a price he will drive you around…

ABQ WP Happiness Hour

We had a great WordPress meetup tonight at WESST with some new folks and some familiar faces. A pretty wide variety of geekery was covered, including custom fields, multisites, caching, server config, themes and Bootstrap, and With a dev group like this I expect some pretty awesome things to come out of our local…

Fall in Albuquerque is Awesome

The fall colors in Albuquerque are amazing. We were out on a walk in Bullhead Park when the sun hit the trees just right. I happened to have my iPhone handy to snap a few pictures. This bunch of cottonwoods are just south of Phil Chacon Park. Love the glow.