Coffee in Albuquerque

I’m checking out a new coffee shop in downtown ABQ today. Kumba Coffee has been on Lomas and Second for a couple months. The owner is super sweet and there’s good space for working. There’s even decent parking in a lot behind the building. I think I’ll come back. 

Wait. Did She Just Spell My Name Right?

I’ve mentioned how baristas spell my name at coffee shops here. In a surprisingly fun turn of events this happened at Starbucks. AndI didn’t even have to spell it! Aaaaand then when my drink was ready, another barista yelled “Kaay-Rin”. So, I guess you can’t win ’em all.

WordPress in the Boondocks

In a tiny town in rural Utah that can barely claim 300 people, there’s a coffee shop that proudly stands up alongside the cutest and coffee-est of coffee shops in any metropolitan area. My husband and I walked into this adorable little shop to get my coffee fix. After taking our order the barista asks…