Jane Austen Day

Let’s just take a moment to giggle over a street named Butts, shall we?

Ok, now that’s done, we can move on to Jane. Lana and I walked from Alton where we are staying to Chawton. It’s a lovely walk, though part way it’s along the highway and there was construction happening. We were super impressed by the priority placed on pedestrian activity. Well done UK. As an avid walker in the US, what I’d give for some of that.


After the Jane Austen house museum, we went to Chawton House where her brother lived. We didn’t go in the house, but wandered around the church and cemetery instead.

And of course there’s a fake cat on the thatched roof.

Picture of this idyllic house covered in roses? Of course we had to take a pic.

This is our new favorite lunch: meat, cheese, bread, crisps, and berries. Not exactly keto, but I’m skipping the bread so it’s better than nothing.

Wrapped up the day with a final stroll around Alton and Flood Meadows. Let’s say we were massively obsessed with the story of Fanny Adams that was mentioned to us yesterday. So we just had to go see the site of her murder and then back to the cemetery to see her tombstone. If you are into gruesome murder stories from the 1800s google it. Otherwise stay away, it’s awful.

Oh and a polite notice. I should try this at the park near our house to see if that makes people keep their dogs leashes šŸ˜‚

6 replies to “Jane Austen Day

  1. Fantastic pictures and lovely tidbits! Iā€™m so glad you are sharing it with us. I love the picture of Lana in white and I think people would totally go for saving the ducklings. šŸ’š from abq

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