23,817 steps from London to Alton

Here we are before our feet covered 23,817 steps past Kensington Palace, Platform 9 3/4, yummy sushi, across London Bridge (although we already saw the original in Lake Havasu so, you know, whatever), around Southwark Cathedral, on a train to Alton, around a cemetery, and past the cutest Jane Austen cafe.

Already we are delighted with Alton. After checking in to the cutest hotel room in the entire universe, we went to what I thought was a supermarket for some eats, but it ended up being less super and more, well, tiny. We got what we needed though, and on the way back to the hotel we took a jaunt through a quaint old cemetery. Then while passing through a church yard looking for more graves, we ran into a woman who noticed we were from out of town. We must be easy to spot. Anyway, she gave us some tips for things in the area and regaled us with a fascinating story about a young girl named Fanny Adams who was murdered in Alton in 1868.

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