Did She Just Call Me Yul Brynner?

Some time ago about my thoughts about home and what that means to me. In that post I included the following picture of my Grandma and me, when I was 5 months old. I just came across a journal of Grandma’s from 1975 and she talks about the day this was taken. (Special thanks to my dad for transcribing the journals)


On the 31st of December, my grandma flew out of Minneapolis headed for Managua to visit my family and to see me for the first time.

1974-12-31-Tuesday: Mpls airport. 7:40AM. The plane is beginning to move away from the bldg. 7:45 Now we are moving slowly over the runways. 7:50 Ready for take off. 7:51 We’re up. The moon big & bright, snow shows pretty thin on ground. Sky clear except horizon. Can’t believe I am on the 3rd trip south of the US. Peru, Costa Rica & now Nicaragua.

[…] Met at the airport by the whole Kuster family & Margaret G. From Ted & Helga to Karen Alma (a as in ah). Everyone looking healthy happy & neat. Little Karen with her Yul Brynner head, dressed in a pretty pink shirt & panties smiling at all.

WUT??? Thanks Grandma! 😀

Also, I love her pronunciation guide for my name. Proof for anyone who thinks *I* changed my name from Kay-ren to the *cough* correct *cough* pronunciation. 😉

This next bit was really interesting, it makes me feel super old, having lived somewhere with NO PHONES!!!

About 11 miles from here to Post Office where we have to go for our mail. If we wanted to use a phone we would have to go to the Post Office too, which is called Palacio de Comunicaciones Central de Telegrafo y Telefono. The school the children attend is 5 or 6 mi from here. No bus service. Very unhandy. […] If any one plans to come by air, train, or bus unannounced forget it. There is no way to reach Kuster’s by phone. You might call a taxi, but unless you have directions to give him you are out of luck on that one too. Calling the Embassy won’t help either, Kuster’s are not registered there. The name of the place is Quinta Villa Maria: But lots of places are called Villa Maria.

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