My Third Post about Fall in New Mexico

We had snow a week ago and I panicked.

My plan here was to glare at the snow till it melted.

I had one too many winters in Minnesota and South Dakota and every time it snows here or looks remotely like real winter I have this irrational fear that it’s all been a cruel joke and New Mexico really is a frozen tundra after all. The fun’s over and it’ll be back to wearing 15 layers of coats, scarves, mittens, boots, slogging through slush, sliding across ice, scraping snow off the car before an outing, and on and on and on. Oh, and did I mention, fighting with kids to put on the above mentioned layers of clothing? And being stuck inside for days on end because the sub-zero temps really will freeze the snot in your nose? Cabin fever here I come!

OK, calm down Karen. It’s ok.

The dusting of snow melted and we are back to our normal weather. Which is lovely. As is proper. We took the kids out to play in the leaves at a nearby park and I took pictures to prove it.

And I made a gif of my joyful daughter throwing leaves in the air. It’s my first animated gif, don’t judge:


My blood pressure is back down to normal, the weather is great, the sun is shining, and life is good. Phew!

After a 3 mile run to celebrate the return of my kind of running weather.

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