Heaven on a Plate

I’m in Singapore for a work trip and am really enjoying the food. The breakfast buffet at the hotel is fantastic with a stellar spread of amazing fruit every morning.

The dragon fruit is underwhelming, to be frank, I expected it to be sweet and delicious but it’s bland and sort of boring. The waiter tells us the little beige things are not lychee, they are longan and they are delicious. Papaya, of course, because what would heaven be without papaya? And the green apple looking thing is either guava or something that tastes exactly like it. It totally woke up my nostalgia tastebuds.

10 replies to “Heaven on a Plate

  1. I’ve often thought about buying dragonfruit at the grocery store to give it a try. Two things have stopped me, one, how do you prepare it (peel it etc) ? and two, what does it taste like? Your photo and description have answered both. πŸ™‚

  2. Looks delish! I love a plate of fruit for breakfast! Have you tried fresh jackfruit? I had it in Thailand and fell in love with it. Like nothing else I’ve ever tasted – floral and sweet, but not too much of either. Hope you can get your hands on some!

  3. Sandra, I’ve bought Dragonfruit at the grocery before, and yeah, it’s underwhelming. Something like a faint taste of cucumber. I wondered if maybe it tastes better on countries where it’s grown fresh, but I guess not!

  4. i was convinced you’d mention something about durian! a friend of mine does a lot of engineering projects there and told a ‘delightful’ story about his experience eating durian…something that was a “need to try” in Singapore.. smelliest fruit in the world..also tastes pretty “wonderful”.. so surprised your post makes no mention of it, although because of the “stink factor” of this fruit, i am also not surprised that they ban it from serving it in the hotels.

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