Office in the Wilderness

A few weeks back, I took a day off to go camping with my family. I am pretty used to working on the road while traveling in my RV with my family, but it was my intention to be completely offline for this particular outing. I had one message to send to someone before I felt ok being on vacation. Before I quite finished composing it, we pulled off the main highway and lost all coverage for my mobile hotspot that I use for connecting to the internet.

According to the coverage map for my mobile carrier, I should have had some coverage but, alas, I did not.

It was late, so we went to the campground to get set up. The next morning I finished up the message, airdropped what I needed onto my phone, walked a mile or so up the road to a spot where I had seen an opening in the dead zone, and sent my message via Slack.

Strangest place I’ve ever worked 🙂


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