Digital Nomadry

Working from the road while traveling is not for the faint of heart. It can be very stressful finding reliable internet and comfortable work spaces. I really hit the jackpot today though.

Yesterday, my husband and I scoured the town we’re in for a decent looking coffee shop. We saw a few that were embedded in grocery stores which, while they served a good coffee drink, are not so great for a long days work. I was starting to contemplate the library, when we found this cute little place called the Daily Grind Coffee House. They were closed, as it was Sunday afternoon and the front of the store didn’t scream “WE ARE OPEN” at all. We wondered if it was shuttered for good. A quick scan of Facebook showed recent posts so this morning we walked there from our RV park.

It was indeed open. I spent, all told, 6 hours there today and I was so pleased. The owner was amazingly friendly and the clientele were all locals. You know, the kind where they just have to order “the usual” and the barista knows what they mean. The WiFi was fantastic and the food was delish. The owner let me create my own salad for lunch since she was out of avocados for the salad I wanted and I ended up with a pretty great meal. You’ll have to trust me as I didn’t take a picture of it.

After they closed, my family was still sightseeing for the day so I took advantage of the weather (it’s been cold and rainy) and walked to a nearby park.

Between this and my post about Scottsbluff and Wildcat Hills, I think I’m changing my mind about Nebraska!

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