Monday morning I saw more ink sketches than normal on my Instagram feed. Intrigued, I followed the hashtag and discovered Inktober. While the art I was seeing on my IG feed was way beyond anything I can do, the concept looked simple: grab a sharpie and doodle something based on the prompts and post it on your social media of choice.

I pondered. Do I have the time or patience for this? Then I found out a friend of mine was doing it and I’m totally a joiner so I grabbed some paper and my markers and got to work.

I’m a doodler, during meetings or when I’m thinking I’m always drawing something, but it’s always just decorative things. And I always have my baggie of markers at hand.

I’ve not seriously drawn anything since high school so this has been fun. I wake up at about 6 am on work days and while I have my coffee and shake off the cobwebs before getting started with work, I take that time to sketch out something.

You can check out Inktober prompts here and I’m tracking my efforts on my Tumblr. This is today’s effort:

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