Lego Store and Other Fun Things

On one of the days we were in London, we met up with a friend of mine. We planned a walking path in the direction of Buckingham Palace. We did get to the Palace but got distracted by shiney things along the way. The first of which was the Lego store. What a place!

Apparently someone once offered the store many thousands and thousands of dollars for this Big Ben Lego replica.

The cashier was very friendly, upsold us, and gave us some history on the building. Super entertaining.

A few other neat things that we ambled past: Chinatown

Random gravesites in parks (my favorite thing about London).

We made it to Buckingham Palace!

Fancy dressed up people were walking into the Palace so we gawked for a while. We really wanted to know who they were, why they were going in, what they were going to talk to the Queen about. Sadly we could only make up stories about it.

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