Walking Tour of Manchester

We wanted to see a bit of the city before catching our train back to London so we mapped out a path through Manchester for the morning. We started with Chetham’s School of Music and Library. It was closed “due to filming”. So we moved on to the Cathedral.

Adorable bees everywhere!

There was a row of lovely buildings to the side of the cathedral and the cathedral staff were so attentive. They were excited to hear we came from Albuquerque. They seemed to think there was a song about Albuquerque and they weren’t referring to the Weird Al song.

Moving on from the cathedral, we walked past the church where Elizabeth Gaskell’s husband was a pastor. We wanted to go by her house but we didn’t have time. Next time!

Next, we ambled by Chinatown.

And Town Hall.

We took the time to go into John Ryland’s Library. So gorgeous. All the dark wood and stacks and stacks of books. Delightful.

We got to the train station just in time! And my poor shoe is breaking! I guess I’ve been putting them through some very hard labor.

We are hitting some pretty decent step counts.

London welcomed us back with some chilly drippy weather 😭

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