Digging into Old Draft Posts: The Embassy of the Republic of Texas, James Corden, and David Blain

I dug into old draft posts on my blog this morning rather than doomscroll social media or play mindless games on my phone and I found this treasured memory. It reminded me of bygone days, a million billion years ago, when we were all fancy free and travelled without a care in the world, so I thought I’d dust it off and publish it today.

The pictures are terrible, but it’s the memory and the captured moments in time that matter. 😀 Read on!

– – – –

I found out, via Atlas Obscura, that there used to be an Embassy of Texas in London. True story. So I went in search and behold!

The plaque was posted on the wall in a sort of alley on the side of a very lovely looking wine shop.

And as far as I can tell, the Kingsman Suit Shop next door is the one from the Kingsman 2nd movie. I recognized the typeface on the window but didn’t make the connection until later.

But on to David Blain and James Cordon. As we wandered the streets back to our hotel we saw a crowd gathered around very bright lights. Wondering what was going on, we joined the crowd. To our delight, David Blain was doing a trick for James Corden’s show. Very cool to see it happening live!

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