Working from the Road: Laundry Room Edition

I’ve been working from the road for about 5 weeks, and it can be a big challenge to find good spots, both for comfort and for internet access. Given that internet is a must for my work, comfort sometimes goes out the window. Normally I can work from my RV and I prefer that since I can be in my environment and not worry about other people in my space. My mobile hotspot is loaded with data and sometimes RV parks have decent wifi so it works pretty well.

When I don’t work in the RV, I go to coffee shops. Those can be loud though so I had to buy a headset with a good ambient noise reduction as my team was complaining about how bad my environment was during our team calls 😀

Today’s workstation tickled me because it’s in a laundry room at the RV park my family is currently visiting. The internet is one of the best I have had short of a dedicated coworking space, due, I am sure, to the fact that I can connect directly to the wall (luckily I have an adaptor for my mac).


There is space for 2 other people but I sure am glad no one else wants to be here because I am kind of taking over the whole desk.


The RV park also calls this room a library. And there are a few shelves of random books.


Children’s books too!


It really is a laundry room, see?


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