Delightful Customer Service: Jayco Edition

Having worked in customer support for over 5 years, I’m always noticing good or bad experiences with support staff out in the world.

Spoiler alert: We had an amazing experience at the Jayco Motorhome Factory yesterday.

Here’s the story. Some time ago we noticed a bump under the linoleum in the kitchen area of our Redhawk Jayco Class C Motorhome. At first, we thought nothing of it, but it grew until it was plainly obvious something was not right. Our service shop in Albuquerque looked at it and said they couldn’t fix it.

We had a trip on the books to Indiana this summer and it occurred to us that there’s a Jayco factory near where we planned to be. On a whim, we called to find out if we could get it looked at and get a tour of the inner workings of RV construction while we were at it.

At first, the customer service representative said they wouldn’t be able to fit us in until September. But we weren’t planning to be in Indiana in September. So we emailed back and forth until they agreed to see us. But they were clear, they only had time to fix just the one thing. No worries. We didn’t really have anything that needed fixing, just the goofy bolt under the linoleum, but we did have a list of questions. They agreed to take some time with us to go over our list and give us a tour.

Fast forward to our arrival at Jayco. As luck would have it, one of our bunks broke the night before so when the representative greeted us, they graciously agreed to have someone fix it. Not only did we get the floor and bunk fixed, but we walked (drove) away with AC vents that cool more efficiently, a new comforter for one of the beds, and answers to all of our questions.

The Clincher?

We have been trying and trying and trying to figure out how to use a particular feature to suction water from a bucket into the camper. If you don’t RV, then this may make no sense to you, but there’s this thing where you need to sanitize the water tanks from time to time and we simply haven’t been able to figure out how. No online tutorial, no owners manual, no RVers forums, not even the dealership where we bought the thing could solve the problem. I no more than mentioned the issue to the two men that were working with us and a bright happy knowing gleam appeared in their eyes. They walked us around the motorhome to the water intake and showed us the secret. And we were like:


(I’ll post the secret on our travel blog)

The recap?

Customer service that delights. Check.

Going above and beyond for the customer. Check.

Ensuring our loyalty. Check.

Leaving good impressions. Check.

Understand our needs. Check.

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