Train Wreck

On our free day in Whistler during the Automattic Grand Meetup, we took a hike out a old train wreck. In 1920ish sometime, a train was hurtling down the track going twice as fast as it should have been and the cars flew off the track when the train went around the bend. Apparently no one ever managed to clean up the wreck and over the years the cars became a canvass for graffiti. I managed to convince a couple of my colleagues to come with me so if you want better pictures you can check out Ryan’s site.

At the end of the trail we crossed a suspension bridge that was fantastic and scary all at the same time.

We don’t see this much water in New Mexico, so I was pretty excited by all this green:

And the big finale:


4 replies to “Train Wreck

    1. It was about a 10 minute drive back to Function Junction. Nice parking spot. We didn’t park at what appeared to be the official parking area. Instead we sorta forged a path through the woods so we made the hike longer than advertised, but also slightly more interesting.

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