Visiting Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

I recently traveled to Brazil for WordCampRio followed by a series of speaking events and meeting with local tech folks. You can read this post written by my colleague Erica (also in Portuguese) for more details. Oh, by the way, we’re hiring.

I never imagined I’d go to Brazil, Portuguese seemed really scary. As it turns out, since I’m fluent in Spanish, I could understand about a third to a half of what was being said, depending on the person speaking. I’m currently working on Portuguese with Duolingo and hope to go back. Next time I speak at a WordCamp in Brazil, though, I hope present in Portuguese.  I have a little bit of a bet going with a friend in the WordPress community there 🙂

Since you can read about the work details of the trip in the post I linked to above, I’ll just drop some pictures here. Enjoy!

Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo

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