ABQ WP Happiness Hour

We had a great WordPress meetup tonight at WESST with some new folks and some familiar faces. A pretty wide variety of geekery was covered, including custom fields, multisites, caching, server config, themes and Bootstrap, and make.wordpress.org.

With a dev group like this I expect some pretty awesome things to come out of our local WP scene this coming year.

Although, maybe they just came for the pizza. πŸ™‚

6 replies to “ABQ WP Happiness Hour

  1. Of course we came for the pizza! Thanks it was good! Conversation was even better! Sorry I had to leave early. A couple of unfinished thoughts…My favorite bootstrap based theme at http://wordpress.org/themes/ is “The Bootstrap”…responsive clean design with good features. And, the theme we use for personal blogs (when we have time) at Blue Lotus Works is “Decode”…responsive focus on blogging. It’s one of the themes I was talking about that has a companion plugin. The one for that theme is called “Decode Reply Tool”…had to be stripped out of the theme because it is considered “plugin territory”

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