WordCamp ABQ 2013 – Part Two: Sessions

My recap of WCABQ wouldn’t be complete without some words about the fabulous speakers and sessions that made up the main day of WordCamp.

First of all, I couldn’t possibly write a recap post without mentioning the fantastic volunteers and organizers that made WordCamp possible. The planning team worked their tails off: Ray Gulick, Maralyn Beck, Julianna Silva, Jamii Corley, Zerek Welz, Cara Christenson, Mary Garcia, Brooks Walch, and Samantha Metheny. We also had some super volunteers who are too numerous to mention here and a rockstar list of speakers.

Without further ado, here are the pics, courtesy of Melinda Hess and Patricia Letter of Convivial Studios.

This year we added our event to a calendar of tech events called Tech Fiesta ABQ, part of an effort to support and encourage tech activity in the city. It was fun and made it possible for us to use the Convention Center for the sessions. We had a lovely lunch in Civic Plaza which I do not have pics of, but was probably, after the Hackathon, my favorite part of the weekend.

We had a couple more photographers roaming around so there may be more pics that appear eventually, but this is good enough for now, right?

Want more info about WCABQ? Take a look at the website.

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