Anthropology Museum in Mexico City

I recently went to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. That place is huge. At a leisurely pace we covered only half of it and we took the upstairs at a fast clip just to say we’d covered the whole thing and all in all, it took us quite a few hours.

I really dig museums with ancient things in them. I especially dig pictures and sculptures of female goddesses so I got some pics of Mictecacihuatl and her friends. I don’t know that much about Mexican art, but I could tell right away that the sugar skulls that are all over in tourist shops here in New Mexico are deeply rooted in ancient culture. I mean, I knew they are a Day of the Dead thing, but the roots in ancient history were fascinating. If you’re into a fun learning tangent, head over to Wikipedia to learn about the art of José Guadalupe Posada.

Another highlight were these murals red murals found somewhere at Teotihuacan, I think. It’s some underworld, creation, or world flood scenario. In any case fascinating and I spent a few minutes sitting there staring at it. Some of the people seem to be having a really good time and some are quite distressed.

Here are the rest of the pics:

2 replies to “Anthropology Museum in Mexico City

  1. Very cool stuff! I especially like the red murals.

    I really dig museums with ancient things in them.

    There is a permanent Ancient Latin American art exhibit at the Natural History museum in LA. If you haven’t before, I’d recommend checking it out.

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