The Hardy Tree

Thanks to Atlas Obscura I discovered the existence of this amazing tree right next to St Pancras Old Church. The gravestones were piled up around the tree by Thomas Hardy himself, back when the St Pancras train lines were being developed. The story is that he was an underling at the company in charge of the whole rail project and when they needed to build over a cemetery, he was tasked with figuring out what to do with the gravestones after the bodies were exhumed and relocated. Pretty clever solution all in all.

There’s been a church on this site for two thousand years, if the plaque inside the church was accurate and there are a number of famous folks buried there.

As I was in London for a work meeting and and near St Pancras, it was easy to sneak away during lunch to see this tree. I’ve been a fan of Thomas Hardy since I had to read his books in high school and seeing some of his pre-author work just tickled me to no end.

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