Traveling: National Park Edition

This year has meant a lot of travel for my family. Without really meaning to, we made a theme out of visiting every National Park we found near our travel path.  

At each visiters center we bought a sticker for me to put on my laptop. After the top got covered up I moved the bottom. 

Here are the parks we visited. 105 travels days, 13 National Parks, 2 National Memorials, 5 National Monuments, and a BLM Heritage Center:

  1. Saguaro National Park
  2. Coronado National Memorial
  3. Grand Canyon National Park 
  4. Hovenweep National Monument
  5. Chiricuaha National Monument
  6. Glacier National Park
  7. Capulín Volcano National Monument
  8. Death Valley National Park
  9. Bryce Canyon National Park
  10. San Antonio Missions National Historic  Park
  11. Lyndon B Johnson National Historic Park
  12. Rocky Mountain National Park
  13. Anazasi Heritage Center
  14. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
  15. Craters of the Moon National Monument
  16. Mesa Verde National Park
  17. North Cascades National Park
  18. Olympic National Park
  19. Colorado National Monument
  20. Mount Rainier National Park
  21. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument 
  22. Crater Lake National Park
  23. Theodore Roosevelt National Park (not pictured)
  24. Little Bighorn National Memorial (not pictured)

I have blogged more or less consistently on The Arnold Experience about each park. 

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