WordCamp Lima 2014: the Better Late Than Never Edition

I was looking through my post drafts and I realized that I never published this one about WordCamp Lima.  Am I the only one that types up drafts and never publishes them? Probably not. Go look in your drafts right now and publish something. Quick! Then come back and look at my pictures of WCLima2014. #betterlatethannever

I had very little actually written in my draft, mainly a collection of photographs, but I remember the trip like it was yesterday so here’s a quick recap.

The crew in Lima put on a fantastic WordCamp with about 300 people in attendance. They held the event at a University and had a couple nice sized classrooms for two tracks. One classroom was a bit larger and had a gathering area right outside for snacks, hanging out, and sitting around being nervous about your presentation. Or maybe this was just me.

The night before WordCamp the organizers and speakers went to a bar on a cliff edge. I was a tad nervous because, well, earthquakes. But we made it through. The company was delightful and the the Pisco Sour and the Picarones were delectable:

Here’s some shots of the day of WordCamp. These were taken by a friend of mine who was working with me at the time, Diego Escalante Urrelo:

My family lived in Lima for 4 years before I was born, then they left for a few years and we went back when I was in Kindergarten. I had a little bit of free time and my friend Diego and his girlfriend Samantha took me on a brief walk to see our old family homes:

And last but not least, my presentation:

6 replies to “WordCamp Lima 2014: the Better Late Than Never Edition

  1. The food looks super delicious! I’m also procrastinating about publishing my experience about WordCamp Pune, the first WordCamp I’ve ever attended. I’ve got so many things on my mind to write about the experience that I think I’ll spawn a trilogy soon. 😀 One about the travel, one about my first impression on India ( 😀 ) and one about the WordCamp itself.

    1. Well, as long as you publish it within a year of the event you’re doing well 😉 apparently that’s the standard I’m setting 😀

    2. Ha ha, actually I just noticed this post is about a WordCamp in 2014. I thought it was from a few months before.

      Well, now I feel good about myself. 😀

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