Pão de Queijo

On a recent trip to Brazil I met some amazing cheese breads. Unanimously declared a delicacy, my coworker and I ate them every chance we got. 

When we extolled the virtues of Pão de Queijo to our Brazilian friends, more than one person assured us of their ease of preparation and it turns out, yes! They are! 

I searched for a decent looking recipe and behold the result:


Our process:

Coffee in hand (I just flew home from Brazil today so I’m zzzzzzzz), my daughter and I blended them up in about 10 minutes and they took about 20 minutes to get light golden brown. 


A few issues and things to keep in mind for next time. Somehow the bottoms became concave-ish and they were hard to get out of the muffin tin. 

The family consensus is that despite their blemishes they are fantastic. I got a hug from my 11 year old for making them 🙂

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