Prepping for the Long Walk

In prep for our upcoming Long Walk we did a 10.53 miler. Got childcare, the weather was fantastic, planned a route, and off we went.

We were an hour in when we saw this:

That’s a massive storm cloud across the valley, approaching our location, in case you’re not sure what you’re looking at. About thirty minutes later it looked like this:

That’s basically on top of us. We were walking North and the wind was blowing something awful, sand flying and the whole mess, but we finally turned East and it wasn’t so bad for a while. Onward we trudged. I’m kidding, we weren’t trudging.

We got to our halfway point just in time for a thunder clap and a steady drizzle. But this is what our halfway point had to offer, so yay!

The rain sort of petered out a bit so we figured we could forge on and get wet but not terribly soaked.

As you can see, pretty wet but not too bad. We were not dry by the time we got home but when you live in the desert you learn to not complain about rain. And when it rains you see these kinds of surprises:

All in all a successful endeavor, next time I’ll bring a light hoodie, as the temp here in New Mexico can drop pretty fast and I got a tiny bit cold.

Here is a screenshot of our path from RunKeeper:

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 5.21.40 PM


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