Green Monster – My New Crush

I work at home, in front of my computer, and if I don’t get out of the house to work out I might take 100 steps on a given day. I like to eat. Actually, I love to eat. And I often eat out of boredom or restlessness so I eat more than my body needs when I’m being particularly sedentary. 

For a couple of months I’ve been experimenting with drinking homemade smoothies instead of other meal options like a sandwich. I came across green monster smoothies when searching around to try and find something filling, yummy, and highly nutritious. 

When I first started making them I used recipes (do an online search for green monster smoothie). Now I have a couple variations that I know work great and they taste fantastic. 

The basic recipe is kale or spinach, liquid (I use coconut milk or water), fruit, protein. For good measure I throw chia seeds in there. 

The best version is what I call a chocolate peanut butter cup. I add a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder, cinnamon, honey, a big scoop of peanut butter, and a banana if I have it. Best thing ever. 

The prettiest version is extra kale, a few strawberries, some vitamin C powder, a raw egg (don’t judge, we have backyard chickens), and some peanut butter. It’s so green and pretty, I love it. 

The main drawback is that often the smoothie is a rather disgusting color. It can look like anything from stew to, well, something pretty unappetizing. On those days I just drink it down as fast as possible. 

Oh, and it helps to drink it out of a straw. Trust me. On occasion the blender doesn’t quite do the trick and I’m too much of a cheapskate to get a juicer or a more heavy duty blender. Straws help on those days.  

Here’s some pics, in case you’re into that 🙂

One reply to “Green Monster – My New Crush

  1. My glasses at home look very similar – but I use the already prepped stuff from the Health Food Store.

    I should probably switch to these smoothies!

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