Missed Opportunities: Correcting Past Mistakes

Years ago, shortly after my husband and I were married, Fleetwood Mac got back together. Minneapolis, MN was on their schedule and since were living there at the time and are both fans of the band, we looked into getting tickets. 

We were young, working to make ends meet, paying off school loans, and after much deliberation, we decided we couldn’t afford it. But no worries, we thought, we’ll catch them on their next tour. 

But it was not to be, Christine McVie left the group after the tour and that’s when we realized we’d made a big mistake. We didn’t want to see half the band. We wanted to see it all and we missed that opportunity. 

We promised each other not to let opportunities like that pass us by again. While concert tickets are pricey, what’s a few bucks to see an icon?

A few years later, Elton John came through Minneapolis on a tour. Another favorite of ours, and we found ourselves beginning to make the same mistake, considering not going, because we thought we couldn’t afford it. But wait, we said to ourselves, remember Fleetwood Mac? And so we went to see Elton and it was amazing. Lesson learned. 

Last night, after 18 years of waiting and saw Fleetwood Mac, complete with Christine McVie, in concert in Denver. We almost didn’t get tickets, they sold out so fast. It was touch and go there for a while, we even resorted to searching on Craigslist. 

Was it worth the wait? Totally. It was amazing. Amazing. So amazing. 

Here we are waiting and trying to entertain ourselves.

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Hurry up and start already. #fleetwoodmac

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Impatiently watching the stands fill up.

My only regret is that they didn’t do Songbird. Maybe next time.

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