Tech Support House Calls. No, Really! It’s a Thing!

True confession: I hate talking on the phone with businesses. I avoid calling people to make appointments. I also hate answering the phone, unless I know who it is. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I have a phone. (Answer: for texting, checking emails, Twitter, and Facebook)

Yesterday I finally got around to getting serious about fixing my phone. I broke it last month on the tile floor whilst lounging next to the pool in our Panamanian paradise. It’s fallen a million times and I think I thought that I was immune to this breakage concept.  Oh well. Lesson learned, or not. 🙂

I priced out a few places, but was not eager to drop 80 or 90 bucks on the project. But it’s a hazard to my fingers, glass shards and all, so yesterday I Googled local shops that could get the job done and found this place that advertised house calls.

Whoa, backup. House calls??? What? You mean, *they* come to me? Sign me up!

From my tablet, I enter the necessary info, my device, the issue, etc, finishing up at a screen with the message “someone will be in touch soon”. And I think to myself, “ok, well, that was nice, I guess I better suck it up and be ready to answer the phone”. Seconds later I get a text, confirming my service request. Within 5 minutes I get a text from the service guy!!! He asks me for more info, all via text. In a friendly, casual, and professional manner, he explains the process and gives me a chance to ask questions. Mind: blown. So easy. So simple. And he’s coming to fix my phone! And it’s going to take 20 minutes and I don’t have to go anywhere!!

Now all I need is a dentist, chiropractor, and eye doctor who make house calls too. Can you imagine?

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