If I Had a Bucket List, This Would Have Been on It

This weekend I got a Kuna beaded anklet, a long string of beads that when tied on just right a pattern emerges. The Kuna women wear them on their calves and arms. I’ve always wanted one, and for one reason or another, never got one. I suppose I bugged my mom about it when I was a teenager, but we never spent our money that way. You know, frivolous or something. Which it totally is, but I wanted one and now I have one 🙂

This weekend we were in El Valle being touristy, shopping for knick knacks at the local market and I saw the most lovely anklets so I took the opportunity.

Here’s a video in case you’re curious about the process. What I find hilarious is that I was thinking exactly the same things the women in the video are saying. While the woman was tying it on my ankle, I was totally trying to figure out how to make one myself at home 🙂

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