Obligatory End of the Year Post

It’s been some year! Lots of travel both for both work and family. Lots of goals set, some accomplished and some not, and tons of lessons learned.

The year’s been full of firsts and bests, more running, traveling to my birthplace, pulling out my cello again, blogging a ton (you can see my blog annual report here).

We wrapped up the year in true Arnold fashion, cookout in the back yard, hot dogs, s’mores, and sherbet punch.

Happy 2013 and here’s to an equally fabulous 2014!


3 thoughts on “Obligatory End of the Year Post

  1. Happy 2014 my dear friend, Please comment if you can on my blogs. I am developing a few themes but I need help from veterans of this site to help. By veterans I mean experienced not military. TY again,

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