Running with a Pace Car

I kind of love to run.

Sort of.

Actually, the truth is, I am a fair weather runner. If it’s windy, forget it. Too cold? Forget it. Too dark? Forget it. I also don’t like to run alone. Yeah, I know, lots of obstacles. But I manage to run fairly often, in phases. I attribute any success I have at running to my pace car.

I didn’t plan to have a pace car, but a few years ago, when my husband and I started running, I discovered that running was excruciatingly boring. So boring I couldn’t make it a mile, really, so we would chat while we ran. But that got hard, because well, chatting and running are not necessarily meant to go together.

Eventually, I discovered that if I listened to music then I could run as long as my body would tolerate it. But Al didn’t listen to music so he would get bored and he would naturally outpace me since his pace is faster than mine.

Running behind him, watching him gradually pull away inadvertently caused me to run a bit faster, which was not a bad thing and has overall helped me to run better.

Here is my motivational view from the back of the pack:


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