Mary’s Donkey

We recently took a trip to Southern New Mexico. We had some friends to see in El Paso and after we spent a few days with them we took a side trip to Ruidoso and Carlsbad Caverns. On the way home, we drove through Lincoln, a small town in southern New Mexico, more commonly known as Billy the Kid’s hometown. You’ve probably never heard of this little town unless you are into the history of Billy the Kid, or are into Aaron Copeland, or have seen Chisum or Young Guns.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was this fantastic art. I am a sucker for art with a religious theme and this donkey with Mary, the landscape of New Mexico, and flowers all over it was perfect.

Mary's Donkey

We found this donkey while on a stroll down the Main Street of Lincoln (which also happens to be the only street). I was dying for a cup of coffee and, like a shining beacon in the night, there was a sign on the quiet street pointing down an alley to Annie’s Little Sure Shot. This quaint little coffee shop was just the thing. The barista/owner whipped me up the most delectable red eye made with coffee from Rwanda, if I remember correctly. Whatever it was, she told me it was the best coffee in the world and I believe her. It was tasty, every bit as fantastic as the coffee shop itself:

Annie's Coffee

Inside Annies’s was an adorably eclectic mix of Victorian and Southwestern decore:

Inside Annie's shop

Coffee in hand, we explored the rest of Lincoln:

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