Machu Picchu and an Artist

I heard a really cool story from my mom and dad the other night. We were going through some old correspondence from around 1970. In the pile was a card from an artist called David Silverberg.

I asked who he was and how they came to run into an artist at Machu Picchu. Mom told me that once, long ago, while they were living in Lima, she, my grandma, and my oldest sister, Johanna, went to Machu Picchu for a sightseeing trip.

They ran into a friendly fellow tourist, who happened to be an artist from Canada. He was in Peru for a showing at a gallery. They exchanged addresses, he invited them to his showing in Lima, and later he sent them a really nice note about how it was great to meet them.

Here’s my mom and my sister, perched on the mountain:

I told my mom that next time she is on a mountaintop with a famous artist she should have someone take a picture of her *with* him 🙂

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