Jaws? Pu-lease.

For the last year and a half or so, my husband and I have watched almost one movie every night. Mostly he is watching films with actors that he enjoys, but he also gets movies that he thinks I missed out on as a result of my growing up outside of the US. Which I appreciate, we have watched a ton of great oldies.

Two nights ago we watched Jaws. Now, let me say that I have had the opportunity to watch Jaws, but watching a shark eat people is not my idea of a good time. Also, I skip movies that I am sure are going to give me bad dreams. Cheesy effects or no, I don’t care, it makes no difference, I have a very creative, imaginative, and convincing dream state.

But, I watched it 🙂 Yes, I did. I covered my eyes a few times. All in all, I think it was a waste of a movie. Although, I did enjoy Richard Dreyfuss. He is adorable.

Then last night, we watched American Grafitti. I’ve heard of this movie, but have never seen it. I guess I heard it was some sort of classic, but I must have missed the part that made it classic. Really. Now, that was a waste of a movie. I’m willing to hear arguments to the contrary, although I cannot imagine what they would be.

I will say it was interesting to see so many actors from their pre-famous days. And Richard Dreyfuss? Still totes adorbs.

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