Posole with Friends

I made Posole for a Christmas gathering with some friends. I may have outdone myself, you be the judge:

Red Hot Posole

If you don’t know about Posole, get yourself to a online shop that sells good New Mexican products and buy the fixings. It is so easy and sooooo yummy. Every time I make it, I think I’m missing something because it just seems like it should be harder to  make.

For the uninitiated, Posole is a large grained white corn. Folks from the Southeast region of the US might recognize it as hominy. Honestly, I have no idea if it is exactly the same thing, but hominy will work in Posole in a pinch. I usually use a dry corn that  is readily available at our local supermarket, but this time I found a refrigerated version. I thought it might fun for a change. It’s hulled and soaked in limewater and sold in a bag. It really smells, so be prepared if you use this. I mean, really, really smells.

To get the most scrumptious Posole, you cook pork or chicken in some stock, boil the corn, add some red chile, the hotter the better, and that’s it! Super easy. New Mexicans like Posole at Christmas-time, but it’s great any time you are craving a warm bowl of spicy soup. This time, I chose to share it with some friends and I bought just enough fixings to make it again for my family for Christmas Eve.

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