I visited Amsterdam in late July to meet up with some work mates, work on projects, and see the city. I had a lovely time, although a little more sun would have been awesome. Among my favorites were the visit to Anne Frank’s house, the canal tour, and our day trip to Apeldoorn and the Paleis Het Loo.

Some of the coolest things about Amsterdam:

  • cobblestone streets
  • bikes, bikes, everywhere
  • boat parking in front of your house
  • house boats

Some of the oddest things about Amsterdam:

  • the *cough* manequins *cough* standing in the windows along certain streets
  • the difference between Coffee Shop and Cafe

The coolest piece of trivia:

The word Loo does not mean bathroom, otherwise the Paleis Het Loo would be a silly name. Rather the word loo is an old old word meaning something along the lines of woods. So, Waterloo would be wooded area by the water (or a song by a really cool group) and Paleis Het Loo is the palace in a wooded area, which it is 🙂

The Pics:

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