Desert Blooms

I’m sorry, what was that you said? No beauty in the desert? Brown and dry? I don’t think so.

I’ll admit, when we first moved here I did not expect to be amazed by the color. I was happy to be proven wrong. This time of the year is so wonderful, the cactus plants bloom and weeds in the cracks on the sidewalk blossom in the most amazing vibrant colors. This little beauty is one of my favorites, it’s a yellow prickly pear. I am sure it has a fancier name than that, but it works for me.

This one is one of our monstrous chollas that grew from a 6 inch piece we unceremoniously stuck in the sand/dirt in our front yard.

A little more of our lovely prickly pear. Lovely, that is, until you touch it. That’s bad news.

And last but not least, one of the selling points of our house when we first saw it years ago. I’m not a rose girl, but these roses are not your average roses. They were rugged, hardened, and ready to withstand anything. And they have too: lack of water, over watering, bugs, disease, over-pruning. And they forgive us every time.

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