Solar Eclipse in New Mexico

Tonight we went on a solar eclipse viewing journey around Albuquerque. It was a bit unplanned, but we were unsure of the best spot to view the eclipse. We started at a friend’s house to check out their telescope/cardboard box/construction paper contraption for viewing the eclipse. Then, we drove to Jazzercise del Sol to take a view through some fancy solar eclipse viewing glasses. Finally, we ended up at our favorite airport viewing area.

Our normally deserted viewing area was packed with people, but we managed to find a parking spot next to a lovely couple that let us take a peek at the eclipse through their dark glasses. We wanted to be away from the crush of people, so we chose a viewing spot a bit past the crowds, but  close to a group of photographers.

We set up our very fancy pin hole and hole punch eclipse viewing mechanism just in time to see the full eclipse.

A super nice photographer came over to us and gave us his solar glasses. The kids were thrilled.

The adults were pretty excited too.

We’re not sure what this guy was doing, but he was wearing a white gown with a black face mask and now and then would twirl around and around making his gown flow out.

This is the best part of the viewing area 🙂

The best part of the eclipse was the end, since the sun set while the moon was still eclipsing the sun, we could see the crescent shape peeking over the horizon as the sun set. Frank remarked that it looked just like a shark fin. Then, as it went lower, the fin moved along the horizon a bit, just like a shark swimming through the water. My iPhone takes a mean picture, but not that good 🙂 So we’ll just have to keep it in our memory. At least we got a picture of the pretty sunset.

One reply to “Solar Eclipse in New Mexico

  1. What a fun evening. We had planned on going out to view it. Sunday evening came and we forgot all about it. We ended up piled on the couch watching a movie. Love the photos!

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