Social Connecting: Family Video Calls

My parents, siblings, and I, have been have weekly video calls since this whole COVID-19 thing started. Despite the fact that we are doing this because of a global crisis, it’s been super fun to connect this way. Normally we get together as a family once a year, and it’s always a mad rush of my parents, 6 siblings, various spouses, assorted grandchildren. It’s hard to get a word in edgewise when we are all together. There is a lot of running around, playing games, making music, cooking, cleaning, and any number of other things so we don’t have time to just sit, look at each other in the face, and chat.

Video calls require that we are essentially sitting together and do nothing but talk. It’s magical! I’ve appreciated hearing what my siblings and nieces and nephews are up to, in this relatively organized gathering. I really like it and I hope after this is all over, family video calls is one of those things that will stick.

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