Happy 2nd Day of Christmas

If you know me at all, you know I love the 12 days of Christmas and you can guess my house is still in full Christmas swing. To keep the holiday music fresh and new (we’ve been listening to a lot of Mannheim Steamroller and Trans Siberian Orchestra), I was digging around for my copy of Handel’s Messiah and got distracted by the King’s Singers. I found this version of the Twelve Days of Christmas which I’d never heard before. The kids and I had a good chuckle over it:

Disclaimer: This year we are calling the 26th the 1st day. We can never decide our favorite counting method. Don’t judge.

One reply to “Happy 2nd Day of Christmas

  1. i loVe christmas music..November always makes me so excited that december is about to happen and so many little activities spent with family preparing things and big baking days/traditions
    Your post reminds me of my past memories of my excited siblings and i blasting Christmas music in the evenings after and while cleaning up dinner during december months when it was all over the radio lol

    also! TSO- i love tso! (well i loVe music)
    Ive just realized now that Christmas is so fast approaching.. exited!

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