Desk Full of Stories


I’ve been thinking about my work space lately. When not at my coworking space, I’ve been working from a craft desk in my garage. While my main desk is in my bedroom, I discovered that my craft desk is just exactly the perfect height for me to stand at. And since standing desks are all the rage, I figure why not?

This desk is special to me because my dad built it for me when we first moved into our house. Before I started working full-time, I was a pretty regular crafter and I needed a place to spread out, where I didn’t have to put everything away when I was done for the day. So he put in some shelves and this lovely corner desk in the only place in the house where my stuff wouldn’t be in the way of the comings and goings of the rest of the family.

The desk is fantastically sturdy. It also used to be really pretty before my kids did some acrylic painting projects on it. But since I’ve been working a full-time job, the desk has become a holder of things. Until recently, when I rediscovered it. But, it’s still most definitely a holder of things as you can see from the picture above.

Last week on Friday, my coworkers shared, on an internal P2, random things we have on our desks. I decided to share the G scale trains that take up a third of the desk space, but as I surveyed the possible random things, I realized how many stories are hidden in the seemingly random/junkie looking things littering the shelves above my laptop. So many stories. Take this one for example:


I got the elephant as a gift from a good friend in college. It’s part of a set and the other one is (unbroken) on my dresser. This one broke some time ago and was sent out to the desk to await repair.

In front of the elephant is a broken music stand ornament my mom and dad gave me for our Christmas tree. Also awaiting repair.

Just behind the elephant’s butt is a little ceramic vase that my oldest son made for me years ago.

There’s more and maybe I’ll make a series of it, but for now I’ll leave you with this, Life of Fred math books the kids have completed, my last unfinished scrapbook project (8 years old at this point), cookie cutters, a multitude of G scale trains that would love to be running around the track in our backyard, and me holding the G scale engine:

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