1988: Never Say Goodbye

“Mom, how old were you in eighth grade?”


“Do you have pictures of you in eighth grade?”

Do I have pictures? Why, I never thought you’d ask.

I hauled out my yearbook from that year, I got my husband to do the same, and the kids spent the next few hours pouring over them.

They found me:

My daughter, who is currently in eighth grade, read all the comments in my book and giggled and giggled. As a homeschooler she finds a certain fascination in the shenanigans of non-homeschoolers and the whole yearbook thing is, of course, ultra fascinating for her. Of all the comments, she pointed this one out as particularly amazing:

I remember the first day of school you were so nice to me yet I didn’t know who you were. But through it all, we’ve become friends. which is good because you’re a nice person. Just keep smiling – keep your chin up and stay out of trouble. Most of all, make the most out of your life – because you only life once. Don’t dwell too much on guys, they’ll always be there – just be happy and when things get you down, remember the good times – they’ll always be there – no one can take away memories. Best of luck to you.

Love, name-redacted-for-their-own-good

And a classic:

I am very glad I met you. I hope we’re better friends next year. Have a great summer.

Love, name-redacted-for-their-own-good

If you went to a school where they did the whole yearbook thing you may recall the ritual signing of the yearbooks. I remember dying to have this or that boy sign my yearbook, then being disappointed by the obligatory “Stay cool” message. I remember pouring all sorts of sentiment into my message for this or that best friend and eagerly reading the equally sentimental message written back to me by this or that best friend. Those were the days. Oh, wait, they weren’t. Eighth grade, remember? Thank goodness there’s no do-overs. But if we’re looking for truth in the old yearbook, I think it’s safe to say, nobody can take away memories and it is great to pull those yearbooks out to remember the good times, they will always be there.

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