Lost Pictures

I had this great post all ready to go today. My husband and I went on a 7+ mile walk meandering around the city, past a cemetery that I love, with a stop at a coffee shop we’ve never been to before. There was a sign from the 1920s and some cool mural art. So cool. I wish I could post it here. Alas, my phone decided to eat those pictures. Stupid technology. I hate it when stuff like that happens.

Once upon a time, I didn’t rely on my iPhone for pictures of our meandering adventures. I took pictures with a real camera. And by real, I mean one of those that requires a roll of film in order to get a picture.

I remember driving to my favorite film developer, dropping the film off, waiting impatiently for the film to be done, driving back to pick up the film, enthusiastically ripping the envelope apart right away to look at the pictures, sometimes being disappointed with some of the shots, and then at some point putting the pics into a photo album. I put every. single. picture into a photo album. I have 20 such albums sitting in a closet in my house.

Eight years ago we bought a digital camera and we created a Flickr account. This is the status of my last, and as yet unfinished, photo album:


Every photo past that point is on Flickr (please Flickr, don’t ever scare me like you did a few years ago when we all thought you were closing up your doors).

At least my iPhone can’t delete those pics. And maybe I’ll even finish that album one of these days. 😀

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