Expanding Horizons Through Technology and Crafts

Some friends of mine and I are putting together a workshop for Expanding Your Horizons, a conference for girls from 5th grade to 9th grade. EYH is all about science, technology, engineering, and math and bringing girls in contact with role models in those fields. The conference is February 7, 2015 and registration opens January 1st if you know any girls who might be interested.

This will be my second year participating. Last year we ran a Scratch workshop and had so much fun we wanted to participate in the conference again. For a while we thought we might just redo our Scratch presentation from last year since the girls really enjoyed it, but Alice came up with a great project idea and together with, Jamii, Joyce, and Elizabeth, we’ll using the following items to create some cool stuff:

I’m really excited about the crafty element of this project. While I work in the tech field, I’m actually more of a crafter than anything else. Before I started working with WordPress I filled my days scrapbooking, sewing, card making, and drawing. I even had a brief stint in college with pottery making. So anything that lets me spend a bit of time crafting is right up my alley.

Stay tuned for the final result. Some sewing with magical silver thread might also be involved 🙂



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