Chicken Coop Upgrade

My father, my husband, and my kids are working on Arnold Coop 3. Chicken Coop Ver. 1 was a shed with a makeshift chicken wire fence. Ver. 2 was a lovely fully enclosed sprawling mansion made by my dad. This current version uses portions of Ver. 2 but with some modifications.

A few months ago Dad tore down the old run. Here’s the remains:


The old roost/nesting boxes have been moved to a new location and my team reworked the walls completely. I don’t have many pics of Ver. 2, but here is something of a comparison. We basically moved the nesting boxes from the front side of the coop area to the far right end.

The coop area is also a lot smaller, easier to clean and maintain now.

It’ll be fun to have fresh eggs again. 🙂



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