Painting the Window

Speaking of Christmas traditions, I’ve painted the windows in my house since I was about 12. The first window I remember was a large square window our front door in our house in Sabanitas, Colon, Panama. My sister and I had to perch on a ladder to do the job. I wish I had pics, but it was a beautiful stained glass image of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

One of my favorites was a scene we painted on the sliding glass doors on the balcony of our apartment in Panama City. We put one half of the scene, the sheep and shepherds, on one panel and the other half, the angels, on the other panel. When the doors were opened the angels would come to the shepherds announcing the news of the birth of Jesus.

Over the years, I’ve painted windows in many houses, including my dorm room in college. Once I had kids and they were old enough to help, it became a family effort.

This year they were busy with crafts and I was inspired to get it done. I guess since we celebrate Christmas through the 12 days and up till Epiphany or Three Kings Day it’s not too late yet. I based the design on a bulletin from church.


Here’s the final result. I’m quite pleased.

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