Ojos de Perro Azul

I finally finished El colonel no tiene quien le escriba. Laugh if you will, but I got to the end and thought there were pages missing. There were not. The jokes on me I guess 🙂

Apparently the classes I thought I slept though in high school, the ones where the professor droned on and on about Marquez and other Latin American authors, were not completely in vain. Surprisingly, some of the material is coming back and overall, I enjoyed the read.

I’m ready to move on to the next one and I’ve selected Ojos de perro azul as my next assignment.

I’ll leave you with the always fantastic Ruben Blades and his song by the same name:

2 replies to “Ojos de Perro Azul

  1. Marquez is great, but you should at some point go back to the Borges short story collections. They are the awesomest. Also Julio Cortazar, who has both short stories and novels that are a lot of fun. Borges and Cortazar are the only ones I still read for kicks, 25 years after the droning professor. Vargas Llosa and Mario Puig too, if I had more time.

    1. sounds like a plan, short stories might be easier to digest. I don’t have any short stories on hand though, will have to remedy that. All I have is a collection of stuff Jo loaned me.

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